About the company:
After a year of hard-work, dedication, and a dream, Capital City Skydiving first opened its doors in July 2015. Owner, Bob Verret is a passionate skydiver who had a dream to share their love of skydiving with others.

His vision was to create a fun, welcoming, and educated environment for new and experienced jumpers to feel comfortable in. At Capital City Skydiving, it is not only about the unconditional love of the sport, but also the environment and people. Not only did Bob work hard to secure the best and safest equipment, he employs some of the most enthusiastic, informed, and smiley staff! Bob and staff know that the entire skydiving process, from beginning to end is important and not a single detail was overlooked! It is such a fun and relaxing place that most of us consider it a second home!

We hope you join us and find a passion as we did for the sport. Come meet some new friends! We promise you the best experience imaginable!

Take off and Landing- Campbell River Airport:
Located at the centre of Vancouver Island lies Capital City Skydiving, designed from the ground up to efficiently function as a skydiving training and recreation centre. At the airport we have a dedicated teaching area for new and experienced skydivers. We facilitate training for new skydivers, tandem jumpers, and development for experienced skydivers. Here is where Manifest and gear is located. Right outside the office door, is access to the plane, take off, and landing area. Our all in one location creates the perfect experience for your skydiving adventure.

You can find the following amenities at our office:
– Manifest
– Comfortable lounge area
– Maps of the landing area
– Equipment Rentals
– Payment

Our Aircraft
Our Cessna 182 with wingtip extensions is an single-engined light airplane, holds 4 jumpers and our pilot. Seating is removed to allow for room for the jumpers and their gear.