Frequently Asked Questions
Is skydiving safe?

Safety is our foremost priority!  Like rock-climbing, mountain biking or skiing, skydiving has its own inherent risks. Risks are minimized with knowledge. By studying and understanding the risks involved, they can be dealt with in the safest possible manner.

We are affiliated with the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association (CSPA). The CSPA is Canada’s main skydive regulation governing body. We are proud to support and adhere to their methods of licensing and training.  Our skydiving equipment undergoes routine maintenance to also minimize any risks. All of our coaches and instructors are certified under the CSPA programs that have been developed over the last 6 decades.

Are there any restrictions?
  • Must be 19 years of age (or 16 with parental consent).
  • Must sign a waiver.
  • Must weigh less than 220 lbs and be able to lift your legs on landing for tandem skydiving (please call if you are above the weight limit)
  • Must weigh less than 250 lbs for the First Jump Course / Solo jump (please call if you above above the weight limit)
  • Must be free of anxiety/heart conditions.
  • Must not have been SCUBA diving in the previous 24 hours.
  • Must not have consumed any alcohol or drugs in the last 8 hours.
What time should I arrive for my jump?

After completing an online or over-the-phone booking, arrive a half hour prior to your scheduled time in order to sign your waiver, complete your payment, receive your training and finally be fit for your harness before boarding the plane.

What about the weather?

We jump whenever the conditions permit. We require a clear view of the ground to jump. If the clouds are too low or the winds are too strong we may not be permitted to skydive. In the event of a weather delay, an option to reschedule will be offered at a more convenient time (depending on availability). Weather delays will be at the discretion of Campbell River Skydive Centre and may occur last minute. There will be no cost associated with rebooking.

How long will it take?

Tandem jumps typically take 30 minutes of preparation, 30 minutes of flight time, ~1 minute of free-fall, ~5 minutes of canopy flight, and a 10 minute return trip to the airport where we will prepare your video if you purchased that option. Be prepared for unforeseen delays such as weather and aviation traffic.  Allow up to 3 hours for the total experience.

If you are Learning to skydive solo be prepared for a 5 hour First Jump Course typically starting at 9am on Saturday mornings. Following the 5 hour class, the jump itself will take 30 minutes of preparation, 15 minutes of flight time, and 5 minutes of freefall and canopy flight. Be prepared for unforeseen delays such as weather and aviation traffic.  Allow up to 7 hours for the total experience.

Can I get food nearby?

Yes we have a BBQ on site where you can purchase hot dogs, hamburgers and drinks. There’s also the Fuel Up Cafe at the Campbell River Airport Terminal just a minute away from us.

What should I wear when making my first jump?
Bring warm clothing as it can be a bit colder at altitude. However, on a warm, sunny day you could easily wear shorts/leggings and a t-shirt. We do not recommend dresses or skirts. Campbell River Skydive Centre will provide jumpsuits that will cover your entire outfit if you wish. Also please bring good running shoes or hiking boots to jump in – no sandals or heels and ideally no lace hooks on your boots. We will provide you with googles for your jump. We can also provide you with an optional leather frap hat if you prefer the ‘shot out of a cannon’ look 🙂
What if I wear glasses or contacts?

You wear goggles on your skydive which we provide for you. Just let us know if you wear glasses or contacts and we will make the necessary accommodations for you.

Can I bring my own camera?

According to the CSPA (Canadian Sport Parachuting Association) Basic Safety Rules and our dropzone policy, no jumper is allowed to operate a camera during a skydive with less than 200 jumps experience. We will gladly offer video services for your jump with professional skydiving videographers. However, family and friends are more than welcome to videotape your plane loading and canopy landing!

Do you get that feeling of falling in your stomach?

No. You leave the plane which is travelling at about 90 mph (144 kmh) forward and you gradually transition to falling downwards. This transition means most people don’t get that initial falling feeling as you would get on say an amusement ride.

Should I go skydiving?

ABSOLUTELY!  Give us a call at 250-655-0014 to learn how to skydive or email us to make a reservation ( for a tandem.  We’ll be happy to jump out of a plane with you!